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Google Scholar is a bibliographic database that is meant to find abstracts and full text articles published on various topics. It is a great service to the public at large providing them access to the most recent research articles published in various high impact peer reviewed journals. It also helps many students in completing their post graduate thesis and dissertation. Google Scholar has tried to very convincingly cover all kind of disciplines and formats. Each research paper can be viewed in a variety of formats including HTML, PDF etc.

The structure of the Google Scholar is very similar to the other large data bases like The Elsevier. MEDLINE and The ISI web of science, and get CITED. Through this effort a wide range of scholarly articles have been made available to the general masses. In this way by sharing the work of intellectual people Google is paving the way for the development of further progress in the field of Science and technology.

Google Scholar is using the features of other bibliographic softwares like EndNote and BibiTex for importing the data. It searches many of the data bases to produce the results. The features are very similar to the Windows Live Academic Search that was developed by the Microsoft in order to search the scholarly databases. Google is now planning to expand the project of the Google Scholar by developing contracts and partnerships with other publishers to develop its own collection of newly published papers. This effort like the other services of the Google like the Google books will be a huge asset to the public.

Google Scholar has the advanced search options with the help of which the people can narrow down their searches to find the most recent articles. Also you can have other options that what do you want to do with the articles, whether you need abstracts, full texts or only the free full text articles. You also have a choice to choose between the species you want to select like if you want to study human population, you will have it. On the other hand if you want to choose animal life or plants you have a choice. You can also choose the age and sex of the people if you are carrying on a medical search. Google has access to many online libraries like the National Library of Medicine and you can search them using the Google features. The articles that are not freely available can be purchased easily online. Google gives the addresses of the publishers that publish these articles.

Keyword feature in the Google Scholar is an easy to use tool with the help of which you can search the web easily and get the most relevant articles. Also you can search the articles with the help of the list of authors or the journals. Also Google tells the ranking of the articles and the journals along with the articles so that you get the best references for your research paper. Also through the feature of the cited by you can access the papers in which the research has already been quoted. The feature of related articles helps you to explore new and related references for your article.

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