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How do I add my business to Google maps? That is an important question all business owners are asking because it is of the utmost importance that your business be found online when a potential customers searches for you. It has been said that most customers will search online first when looking for a product or service. Hence it is crucial that you get your business on to the Google maps listing. So how do you do that?

First, you’ll need to log in to Google, either via Gmail or any other service that Google provide. That means you’ll need a Google account. You can obtain one at

Next, check to make sure your business is not already in Google. A lot of times, Google has already create a generic Google maps listing for you and it is up to you to find it either by typing in your business name into Google or your business address. If you find your listing, that is great, click on it and simply verify that you are the business owner and “DONE”.

You can them later make any changes and updates, such as adding photos and images, and you can even add videos about your business. Adding an accurate description of your business is also crucial so when adding your description, make sure your use key terms that accurately describes your business and the service that you provide.

But what if your business listing doesn’t come up when you type your Business name into Google, well you can go to and proceed from there. Then click on the “Get Started” button under “Claim your business listing on Google” and proceed from there.

Just remember to fill out as much information about your business as possible. The more Google know about your business the better. Do not worry if some of the information on your listing is not complete; just remember that you can always go back in later to update it.

When you are done, Google will ask you to verify either by sending you a postcard or through a phone call, the phone call option seems to be quicker, and the phone number that Google will call is the same one you have put in your listing, so make sure the number in your listing is a fully functioning number so that when Google calls and give you a confirmation pin, you’ll be able to enter the pin in the allotted space. And then you are DONE!

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