Chronic Urinary Tract Infection in Cats – How to Stop it and Prevent it From Coming Back

Chronic urinary tract infection in cats are a common and painful condition. In some cases, UTI can lead to more severe complications such as bladder stones or other blockage. The more you can do prevent chronic UTI the better and now there is a safe, gentle, all natural answer for improving your cat’s overall health and particularly, urinary tract health.

Symptoms of chronic feline UTI can include fever, loss of appetite, needing to urinate frequently and experiencing pain and inability to produce any urine. If your cat is experiencing any of these symptoms you should get it to the vet immediately for a proper diagnosis as UTI and blockage can very easily become life threatening.

Sometimes, a cat chronic urinary tract infection can stem from a more serious underlying cause such as kidney or bladder stones or even cancer. Only your vet will able to determine the full extent of the problem and prescribe a necessary course of treatment. For most standard UTI’s, treatment involves taking a course of antibiotics to kill off the infection, but in some cases surgical intervention may be required.

Though antibiotics and surgery are both common forms of treatment for chronic feline UTI, they are not without their drawbacks. They can be expensive and when taken frequently, antibiotics can actually damage the immune system, leaving your cat vulnerable to other illness. Fortunately, for concerned pet owners there is another option which not only eases symptoms but also addresses their underlying cause.

The option more and more pet owners are turning to is natural remedies. Developed by homeopaths using a unique blend of all natural ingredients, these products offer a more complete and safer way to treat cat chronic urinary tract infection. Ingredients such as Arcostaphylos Uva Ursi and Berberis Vulgaris can help to reduce inflammation and promote good overall health by strengthening the immune system.

These natural products provide the most complete treatment for a cat chronic urinary tract infection because they work with your cat’s own defenses to soothe and protect the urinary tract and enable your cat to fight off infection. This is crucial when it comes to stopping chronic UTI. Unless you take steps to stop infection at its source, it will continue to recur and could cause your pet further damage.

Of course, any remedy for chronic feline UTI will be more effective if it is incorporated as part of a regular health regimen. This includes getting a well balanced diet and having continual access to both a clean water source and a clean litter box to promote healthy urination habits.

The healthier your cat, the better it will able to fight off chronic UTI and other conditions. You can help to improve your cat’s health by providing a healthy lifestyle and making the safe, gentle, natural choice when it comes to treatment. Talk to your vet today and consider all of your options and you’ll be able to keep your cat happy and purring.

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