Easy Craft Ideas – Choose Your Google Craft Keyword Carefully

I always think that the term ‘Easy Craft Ideas’ is a bit of a misnomer. Easy craft ideas for who? What is easy for someone else might not be for me.

When we are looking for Easy Craft Ideas for ourselves I guess we are after something that is easy on a number of levels:

– to read
– to understand
– to do
– to finish
– to share
– to get for

Does Easy necessarily mean simple? Not at all. Some more complicated projects can be easy to do if they are explained clearly.

In our busy lifestyle we certainly do not want complicated. But then even the easiest of ideas can be made difficult by the wrong sort of explanation.

I had a teacher at school once who could explain the most complex things well. And that I think is all we need to know when we are looking for our Easy Craft Ideas.

We want someone to make it easy for us. It did not have to be easy in the first place. Just to be made to look easy so that we feel we can do it.

I am a teacher first and foremost. I take it all pretty seriously because how we feel about what we do can affect how we feel about ourselves. Teaching is not a light-hearted activity by any means.

Any teacher worth their salt wants to make their subject easy. Crack that and they have a student for life.

Crack that the present craft market and you have a customer for life. You would think that those who sell craft courses and craft programs would want to make them easy, but they do not always succeed.

The top 10 or top 20 searches for ‘Easy Craft Ideas’ might not be the best options for that term. They have just won the Search Engine battle.

No, searching for the best ‘Easy’ is not easy in itself.

We need to know what type of Easy we are after.

Easy for us, or easy for those we are working with.
Easy to read, or easy to watch.
Easy on the eye visually, or on the page.

Or are we just after Easy because we have been worn down with more challenging crafts being badly presented.

Easy does not necessarily mean better. Sometimes we need to prod ourselves to try something more risky. It is good to get out of the box occasionally and dip into something we have not tried before.

New craft sites can be challenging and they certainly will not be easy until we get used to our way around them.

But I would question our continued desire for Easy Craft Ideas unless we have convinced ourselves that Easy really is the only way to go.

Test yourself to find those challenging craft ideas that are both testing yet easy. Actively look for places to learn new craft techniques in an uncomplicated stimulating way.

You do not have to be limited to the bland, easy craft option when you put ‘Easy Craft Ideas’ into Google.

How many of us have come across sites showing paper plate projects or hand puppets, when we are really after some kind of craft paradise? A place where the challenge is to make any craft, or many levels as easy a task a possible.

Easy Craft Ideas? I have it covered. Know what you want, find it and hang on it there!

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