Get Your Own Custom MySpace "URL"

Did you know there’s a way to make it much easier for other people to find you on MySpace and even in the search engines?

Making one small change will enable you to get much more exposure to your MySpace profile and make it easier for your profile URL to be remembered by others. It’s done by choosing a MySpace URL, also known as a ‘MySpace User Name’ and adding it to your profile to replace the one provided. By changing your default ‘Friend ID Number” to one that is customized by you you’ll find it much easier for your friends to remember and others to find you.

Instead of sharing a profile URL with a bunch of random numbers you can provide a distinct URL of your choosing. For instance if you have a love for puppy dogs you’ll want to set your address to, or something that appeals to you. Not only will your friends be able to remember your address easier, but you’ll eventually show up on Google where other people with the same interests can find you.

Changing your unique MySpace URL is done by signing in to your profile and selecting ‘Edit Profile.’ Once logged in to your profile you’ll want to select ‘Name’ and then click ‘Pick your permanent MySpace User Name/URL.’

You’ll then be presented with a screen that informs you to pick the name you would like to select for your new MySpace user name. You should think carefully about your choice because once you have selected a name it becomes permanent. Once you’ve selected a name and clicked ‘Ok,’ your asked to enter your real name. If you do not wish to do so you may select ‘Skip.’

The benefits of changing your URL are numerous. Focusing your profile on your favorite hobby or interest and selecting a relevant URL can have some surprising results. You’ll find that with the right keywords and URL selection you can begin to show up on many of the search engines. I’ve even used this strategy to successfully build a network of like minded profiles and increase my Google page rank.

Just remember, once you’ve selected a new user name there’s no turning back. It becomes your permanent name and will be yours forever. Pick a name you’ll be happy with and you can share with others. After all, your mom might be on MySpace too.

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