Google +1: What It Is and How Does It Affect SEO

Google + 1 is the new offering of Google which provides many benefits that other search engines and social networking sites do not have. It is a way for Google to keep up with the times and update its online activities for the enjoyment of people. It has cool features that entice users to visit it frequently. Here are some of the features of the latest innovation of Google.

Google +1 has a lot of media files that rouse one’s interest and captivate the eyes. Pictures can be seen in any size without much difficulty. It allows pictures to look very realistic that viewers will really appreciate. Even if you zoom in the picture at a closer distance, it will not blur at all. If you transfer your pictures from other sites, Google will appreciate this all the more. It is even a lot better than when you integrate your photos on other sites. With better photos, online business can improve as images of products can be viewed clearly.

There are social networking sites that do not inform their members that they have altered their settings. Google+ informs its users about their changes and still protect their private information from other people. There are many users of social networking sites who have transferred already to Google’s new offering.

Google+ also has applications named Huddle and Handout. With these features you can conveniently chat with your buddies without utilizing the SMS capacity of your phone. You can even have a live video conference at work while surfing the other features of Google plus. While you are at work, you can even keep in touch with your family at home. With this feature, you have both your work and personal life at the same time.

Google+ and Gmail now give well-organized notifications and updates that are not offered by other social networking sites. The notifications of other sites usually take time to load and are much disorganized. This usually irritates and dismays users.

Reviewers say that Google+ can do many things in one page that manages to appear very organized and captivating to the eyes. When a user’s page is already filled with classified data, Google will enhance the page even more to achieve a stylish appearance. It is a way to make people more interested with their services.

Another innovation of Google is the Mute feature for the users. If a user has an ongoing conversation that he or she does not like anymore, he or she can then mute it. While on mute, Google would still be able to give status updates to the user.

Google+ is said to be Google’s way of competing with Facebook. So far there are already many Facebook users who have gone to the other side. This can be because they no longer like the way Facebook is operating or they want to try something new. Google+ definitely is fresh and makes internet usage more interesting and fun.

So how does it affect SEO? Well, because people have better chances of communicating well, both seller and buyer will get what they want. An online business that uses Google+ will be able to contact consumers in more varied ways such as emails, chat and video conferencing.

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