Google AdSense – Is It Worth It?

This is a question that I have found a number of people asking – is Google AdSense really worth it. The answer to this is really that you need to test and track the results for yourself to determine whether it is working for you and also how you can go about getting better results. There are a few things which you may want to consider when answering this question though.

What Do You Want Your Website to Accomplish and How Does Google AdSense Affect This?

The first thing you will want to consider when determining whether Google AdSense is worth it for your business is to think about what you want to accomplish. If you are selling your own products or affiliate products then you may find that AdSense actually sends visitors away from your website and loses you customers and sales and therefore is best not used, whereas if you want to provide your visitors with free information but still make money then it can be an excellent choice.

Do You Have a Content Rich Website?

Google AdSense is specifically designed to work with content rich websites. This means that if you have a website full of interesting and informative content then you could do a lot better than someone who is mainly advertising products and has very little real content. On the other hand, if you have too much content then you may also struggle with results from AdSense as people will find all they want on your website so you should consider where the line lies with a content website and having too much content for good results.

Is Your Website Correctly Optimized for Google AdSense?

Correct keyword optimization is essential to the success of your AdSense campaigns. If your website is correctly optimized then Google will be able to deliver the correct ads to your website and this will encourage a higher click through rate, but if you have not optimized your website then it is unlikely that you will receive beneficial results.

Are You Breaking the Rules?

Google AdSense is very strict when it comes to ensuring that their affiliates follow the rules and if you are doing anything that goes against Google’s terms of service then don’t even think about using AdSense because you will be banned. If you want to use AdSense then make sure you follow the rules.

Google AdSense is not for every website but for websites that are content rich, correctly optimized and where the aim is to provide visitors with free information it can be an excellent choice. Consider whether Google AdSense is the best option for your website and whether you are willing to follow their rules before signing up.

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