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Google AdWords is a way to advertise your business online. It is one of the easiest ways to make money based off of simple keywords. Based on those keywords, your ads will be placed all over the internet where they fit with the article, post or whatever other content. When people click on your ad, then you get paid. The way this works is that when people search for one of your selected keywords, then your ads that contain that keyword will show up on the sidebar of the search. This allows you to advertise to people that are already interested! This also means that you won’t have to worry so much about promoting your ads because it’s already being done because of your keyword selection. You only pay when someone clicks on your ads, therefore, no matter what your budget is, you can get started advertising with Google AdWords now.

Obviously, you will want to choose keywords relevant to the topic at hand. Many people think that if they choose a popular keyword, whether it has anything to do with your company that it will generate you more business. This is a half truth. Although you will end up generating more business in the fact that more people will be visiting you creating a higher traffic, they won’t be buying things. This means that you are misleading people and causing yourself to pay for services clicks while you aren’t bringing in any more. Therefore, by trying this tactic, you are actually costing yourself money.

There is not a minimum monthly charge to use Google AdWords because Google knows that sometimes business is good and sometimes it’s not and they want you to profit in those bad times even if it is only a little. There is a regular activation fee to get your account started and then a small fee each time your ads are clicked on. It makes it simple and easy to use. Even for those that are not advertising whizzes, which most of us aren’t.

This is an ideal way to start putting your business out there; especially if you are a smaller business and you know that funds are limited until you start making some good money. We all know how difficult that can be without advertising, however. It’s a catch twenty-two that there is no way around, a vicious cycle that can really make or break us depending on how equipped your business plan is and what your backup plan is if you have one.

Most people feel that Google AdWords is the easiest way to start advertising your business for the lowest cost. It is easy to use and the turn around is quick because you are posting ads everywhere on the internet that one of your keywords shows up. This makes it all the more easy to sell yourself without going through the length and time consuming process of writing pages and pages of copy for your website. Most anyone can use it because it was designed with the common person in mind, not the corporate advertising whiz.

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