Google Hijack Virus – How to Remove the Google Hijack Virus

Have you been infected with the Google hijack virus? You are probably aware of the symptoms. You type a specific term into the search engine. When you click on the link you are suddenly redirected to an advertisement site.

At first I thought it was a new tactic from Google to make some extra advertising revenue. But then I quickly learned that it is actually a virus planted on your computer from a malicious party to hijack your system.

Unfortunately it can get worse than simply redirecting your searches. Some strains of the Google hijack virus have been shown to have spyware. What spyware does is use sketchy practices to record sensitive information on your computer. This can include passwords, credit card, bank account, and other private data.

Typically the Google virus will get onto your system through a browser hijacker. Certain sites can secretly take over your browser and infect it without you even knowing about it. This is why it is best to have some kind of real time protection running when browsing the web.

Google Hijack Virus Removal

In order to remove the Google hijack virus, you need to get into the registry. Just a little warning first. Do not attempt to remove or alter registry entries unless you are a COMPUTER EXPERT. If you begin messing with the wrong files you can cause severe damage to your system.

Go into the registry editor by clicking “run” and typing “regedit”. Look into the following folders and eliminate any suspicious looking files.


Unfortunately the files can take on random names so we cannot predict which they are. But for those of you who have an intimate knowledge of the registry they should stick out.

Remove Google Hijack Virus Automatically

For those who aren’t computer experts, there is an easier way. Simply scan your computer with a specialized Google virus removal tool. Follow the instructions and you should be free of the virus in minutes. The software also offers real time protection to prevent future attacks.

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