Google Hijack Virus Removal – How To Remove The Google Hijack Virus From Your PC

The “Google Hijack Virus” is named so for continually taking over your search engine results and sending you to fake websites. Although this infection isn’t that damaging (it tends to just redirect your search results, show random popups and loads new web browser tabs when you use the program), it’s extremely difficult to remove and needs special applications or files to get rid of it from your system completely. The good news is that if you have this virus on your PC, you can now get rid of it by using the newly discovered tutorial on this page.

What Is The Google Hijack Virus?

This virus comes either as a “Trojan Horse” or a “browser hijack object”. Unlike typical viruses (which will place a rogue program onto your PC and then use that to cause problems, this virus just changes the files and settings which Windows uses to run, making it extremely difficult to find and remove. Because of this, most people either don’t know where to begin to get rid of this infection, or are unable to find a reliable removal method.

The way to get rid of the virus is to change the settings that it has altered in Windows back to the way it worked before. The specifics of this infection are that it will actually change the “redirect” settings of your computer, which means that when your computer has to handle an actual redirect online, the infection will inject its own link into the process and take you to that site instead of the one you wanted.

How To Fix The Google Hijack Virus

The way to fix this infection is to first ensure that you can get rid of any of the infected settings that your computer may have inside. Unfortunately, antivirus and anti-malware applications are not able to even identify this particular infection on your PC because of the way it doesn’t place any rogue files or settings onto your computer. Instead, you need to use a tool that will directly target the infection. There are two ways to do this:
Use The “TDSS KILLER” Application – One variant of this virus is what’s known as the “TDSS Trojan Horse”. This is being distributed through rogue downloads and malicious webistes, and will basically infect the files that your web browser uses. Kaspersky has released an application to get rid of this particular version of the virus, which you can download and run. Use A Program Called “ComboFix” – This is a little-known antivirus application which has been designed to repair actual files and settings of Windows. You basically use this tool with a special script (which will inform it of which files to clean), and you’ll be able to then let it get rid of any of the viruses your system may have.

Because there’s no real way of correctly identifying this infection, you basically need to use both of the processes listed above to get rid of the virus. There are also some more methods you can use to remove the infection, which will also work to get rid of it.

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