Google Links Keep Getting Hijacked – Here is the Reason and Fix

No matter how new or old, inexpensive or pricey your desktop or laptop computer is, it’s something that you cannot do without. Whether you’re using it for schoolwork or in the office, having a computer will keep you up to date with your daily tasks, which includes connecting with friends through social networking sites or simply sending out occasional e-mail messages.

But what if you’re in the middle of doing your work and you click on Google – but instead of being directed to a search results page, you get redirected to an advertisement site? Some people who encounter the problem for the first time thought that it’s simply a new venture of Google to rack up their revenues. However, upon close inspection, you will see that not only are you directed to an advertisement-filled website when doing a search, but there’s also a spyware which already creeps into your system.

What spyware does is record sensitive information on your computer including your passwords, login names, credit card account information and other personal information. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you might have the Google Hijacker virus.

The Importance of Scanning Your Computer Once the Google Hijacker Virus is Determined

This virus which literally hijacks the Google links that you’re searching for secretly takes over your browsers. If you suspect that your computer is inflicted with the Google Hijacker virus, do a thorough scan of your system using the antispyware, antivirus or anti-malware program that you have installed.

If after scanning, it shows that you have suspicious-looking files on your computer, what you can do to remove the Google virus manually is to get into the registry and delete any suspicious-looking entries. However, the files can take on random names. So unless you are a certified computer expert, it is not recommended that you remove these files yourself nor attempt to remove the Google Hijacker virus manually. Messing with the registry files can seriously damage your system.

What you can do instead is scan your computer with a specialized Google virus removal tool. This tool will perform the task of removing the Google Hijacker virus automatically – in a safe and efficient manner, without harming any other pertinent files on your computer.

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