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Google Plus is the newest social networking site to hit the Internet. Being as its from Google, it’s no surprise that this is going to turn out pretty big. While the network is still in its infancy, anyone who has a Gmail account has access to the network. Due to the huge number of users of Gmail, the number of uses in Google+ skyrocketed as soon as the network was made available. However, since it still has not officially launched, there are many things lacking in Google+ that Facebook has. For example, businesses are not allowed on Google+ yet, making the avenue inadequate for advanced marketing. There are many things that make Google+ quite unique, and it will take some time for Facebook to catch up.

Many people theorize that Facebook has been slacking on updating its features, because until now it did not have any major competitors. MySpace unofficially died long ago, and frankly I have always hated the extremely cluttered look of the site. Facebook will always have a place in the social networking world, as it will be forced to innovate, but for now Google+ has some very interesting features.

Google Plus’s two most innovative features are Circles and Hangout. Circles is what all the high school and college users of Facebook are really excited about. It allows you to exclude certain categories of people from certain postings, and is much more efficient than the Facebook system of categorizing posts. You can create as many circles as you want and name it whatever you want, and your friends cannot see the name of your circles. For your work supervisor, you could friend him and put him in the circle of “Dumb boss”, and he/she would not be any the wiser. It truly is an innovative system!

Then there is Hangout, which is a really awesome feature. It allows you to video chat with multiple people at once. You can get all your friends together and chat in the same place, which is an unparalleled social networking feature. The future is finally here, and it is only a matter of time before we are speaking to each other using holographic representations of ourselves. It might sound crazy, but such technology already exists, and at the rate technology is changing we will probably see that in the next couple years. It is going to be pretty incredible!

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