Google Redirect – How to Remove the Google Redirect Virus

Have you been infected with the Google Redirect Virus? You are probably well aware of the symptoms. When using the Google search engine your system gets redirected to advertisement and potentially malicious websites. Your computer also seems to run much slower than usual. If infected you should remove Google Redirect Virus as soon as possible.

Although it can be painfully annoying to constantly be redirected in the search engines, there is a greater danger to the Google Redirect problem. Sometimes you can be forced onto malicious websites that are loaded with spyware and viruses. This is what is known as browser hijacking. You are redirected to these dangerous websites and they load up your system with malware.

Once this stuff is loaded on your computer (usually without knowing), you can become the victim of identity fraud. This malware uses spyware to record private information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, and personal passwords.

How To Remove Google Redirect Virus

In order to conduct a Google Virus removal you need to have some knowledge of computer security and the registry. Your registry files have been compromised which has caused your browser to be hijacked. You will need to remove malicious:

o Registry entries
o Browser Help Objects
o Browser Add Ons
o Dynamic Link Library files

After removal clear your browser cache and restart the computer. For folks who may not be computer experts and are looking for an easier solution, you can actually remove Google Redirect Virus with certain software. Simply scan your computer, follow the instructions, and perform a Google Virus removal in minutes.

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