How Do I Find a Person With Google?

Using can easily help you find a lot of information about a certain person. Google people search can answer all your queries about a person’s background, addresses, complete professional information, phone numbers, location and so forth.

1. Find the person using Google phone number search – here, you can find the business, residential and general phone numbers of the person on the web. You can also use other Google phone help by using the free reverse phone number look up which is faster and really very simple. Just go to Google, type the phone number (it only works with United States number) and that’s it.

2. Find the person using Google a name in quotations – simply enter the name of a person in quotation marks. E.g. “George Brown”. But in case the person has an unusual name, you can try a variety of different combination.

3. Find the people by using Google maps – just type in the address of the person. Google map has the capability to show you the location of the entire neighborhood, Google map can get a satellite, aerial or hybrid view of the location you are looking for and also find directions with live traffic updates.

4. Find someone by tracking him or her with a Google news alert – use this if you want to be updated with the person’s activities as long as that person is documented on the web.

5. Find someone by using Google talk to instantly talk to your contacts – it is a free instant messaging application where in some of them are using Google talk and can find them to another web sites like Gtalk Life and Gtalk Profile.

6. Find the person using Google people search grab bag – these are a few miscellaneous tips for faster searching where in you have to click the links to find out the person’s activities.

6.1 Google Blog Search – to find someone’s blog

6.2 Google Earth – can zoom all locations allover the world.

6.3 Google Groups – it can search discussion boards and twenty years of Usenet archives.

6.4 Google Calendar – it can search public calendars (you can find some enjoyable and interesting stuff here).

6.5 Google Cheat Sheet – the basic Google search command that will help streamline your searches.

There are still a lot of ways and means on how to use Google people search. No doubt, you can easily find the person as long as you are patient enough in searching and using different Google sites.

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