How to Find an Email Address on Google

It is no surprise that more and more people are turning to Google as their favourite search engine. They are a multi-billion dollar company that has become the template on how to make money online. They perform millions of searches every second, and their results are often extremely accurate. However, if you need to pinpoint the owner of an email address, Google often comes up short while other websites manage to get it right time and time again.

The reason for this is the way these different websites go about gathering information. Google makes use of information on other websites. It uses these programs called spiders that roam around the Internet reading web pages and recording them so that when you, or anyone else, performs a Google search, that information can be regurgitated back. However, web pages that are dedicated to performing reverse email searches work in a completely different way.

These advanced search engines not perform the same search that Google does, they also access public records information and existing email directories to add on additional information that Google doesn’t have. The result is that these specialty sites give a far more comprehensive result than any Google search. You can go ahead and use Google to try to find email addresses, but more often than not, the most you could hope to find in a post left on a message board where that email address was used. If that person doesn’t use those types of boards, a Google search will often prove useless.

If you need to perform an accurate and up to date email lookup, look to sites like these. They not only provide a more comprehensive result than Google, but they are just as fast and they are soon to be just as popular. When you need to link a name to an email address, take a pass on Google.

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