How To Get On Google Search

Would you like to know how to get on Google search? Are you curious to know what it is that people are talking about when they say they can get on the first page of Google, or that they know how to get on Google search, and what the significance of that task is? You want your articles to be as visible as possible, and when people are searching for information, they typically read through the results that arise on the first page. Getting your articles on the first page of Google is actually not that hard at all, and I will break down for you a strategy that you can utilize, that will show you step by step, how to get on Google search using article marketing.

I would suggest that you start with some keyword research, as this will be the gateway that anyone should use when they need to know how to get on Google search. You could purchase a keyword research tool, use Google’s free keyword research tool, or use the keyword tool that is offered at Wealthy Affiliate to get some targeted keywords to base your articles upon, as this is your start to how to get on Google search. You can also use Google Suggest to search for common search phrases to write about, such as “How To.” Google suggest will help you to identify a few commonly searched phrases, and I would recommend starting here, because “how to” articles are always the best, and people love reviews.

The keyword that you choose as you research how to get on Google search should have less than 5,000 “exact” webpage results as you push your efforts forward upon how to get on Google search. When I say exact, you want to put the keyword you chose in quotations, for example “how to article market” and put that keyword into Google search. If the search comes back with less than 5,000 exact searches, then that would be an optimal keyword to utilize for how to get on Google search, and to write articles upon. Around 10,000 searches is acceptable as well, but I wouldn’t suggest any more that 20,000 exact results, as it may be difficult to rank on the first page. Also, the article that you write that will be submitted to one of the article submission sites, check in Google to see that an article with the same keyword title has not been submitted to the same site that you will be submitting to, as it would be difficult to move that person out of that position. All you need to do now is to write your article, place the keyword that you chose in the title of your article (this is important) and have your article focused upon that keyword that you chose, and you’ll know how to get on Google search, and it will no longer be a mystery to you.

Sites such as and take a few days to review article submissions, so as you wait to see the results of your article getting posted on Google’s first page, I would suggest you continue doing more keyword research, write more articles, and submit those articles as well. Be sure to share with your friends and colleagues your new found skill set, as I’m sure that they would like to know how to get on Google search as well. Keep your efforts focused, and continue working as you research how to get on Google search. I promise your efforts won’t be in vain, as long as you don’t quit. Keep up the good work!

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