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Finding a decent, reliable internet security free download for you home computer used to be quite a challenging task. None of the software was from brand names you would recognize and to find a decent solution would require significant time researching – reading computer forum posts and reviews on CNet downloads. Most home users did not have the knowledge or patience to invest the time in selecting a good product.

At the 2006 the situation changed when Google introduced “Google Pack.” Google Pack is a collection of over 10 free software programs. Included within Google Pack was 2 internet security downloads – an antivirus and an anti spyware program. The only program really missing to make this a complete internet security free download is firewall software.

Nobody really knows why Google did not include firewall software however there are a number of possible of explanations. In the more advanced routers a solid firewall is often included within the hardware which means firewall software is not needed. Microsoft included firewall software within Windows XP SP2 for free. The Microsoft solution is not the best as it does not monitor outgoing traffic from your PC to the internet. I use and recommend the free ZoneAlarm firewall software for home users.

The internet security software included within Google Pack is of high quality and is provided by some of the leading security software vendors in the industry. The anti virus software is provided by Symantec who make the Norton AntiVirus range of products. The Norton AntiVirus products are considered one of the best on the market and frequently score highly in independent tests. The version included within Google Pack is called “Norton Security Scan.” Despite its name the product both scans and removes virus issues and is based on the award-winning Norton AntiVirus products.

The anti spyware software is provided by a company called PC Tools. PC Tools makes the leading spyware removal software called Spyware Doctor. Spyware Doctor continuously receives recommendations from leading PC Publications and has won numerous awards. Within Google Pack you will find Spyware Doctor Starter Edition which is contains the same spyware scanning and removal capabilities of the full version.

Given the quality of the software in Google Pack I recommend it as a top internet security free download choice. To make your computer’s security complete all you need to add is the free ZoneAlarm firewall download.

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