Is Google Adwords a Scam?

A lot of advertisers have lost money with Adwords. If you visit the forums you can come across a lot of people who have given up on Adwords. Some of them think it’s a scam. The fact is that AdWords pulls in Billions of dollars of revenue each year. If there wan’t money to be made with AdWords the bottom would have fell out long ago and there would be no more Google Adwords. AdWords is not a scam!

It’s sad when marketers give up and blame the medium they were using as the cause of their failure. No matter how many websites and courses out there claim that it’s easy to pull in huge AdWords profits the fact is there is a lot to learn. Your not just going to throw a page on the internet and write and ad and bid on a few keywords and all of a sudden have thousands of dollars in sales every day.

Before you even start your campaign you should learn as much as you can about Adwords. Search “adwords forums” on google. Read as many articles as you can. Visit blogs about Adwords. These are all free ways to learn before you start.

I would also recommend joining a free course. There are some great guides out there ranging from $46-$97 that will teach you step by step how to put together a profitable campaign.

If the marketers who call Google AdWords a scam had taken steps to learn the AdWords game, they wouldn’t have failed.

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