Natural Urinary Tract Infection Cure – Is Natural Health the New Starbucks?

I read an interesting article today about how Starbucks continues to dominate every corner in almost every city. The writer goes on to talk about how Starbucks has created a monopoly because of their cutting edge creativity, quality and satisfied customers. And that makes sense! I love Starbucks because I know it what I am going to get every time I order my caramel latte!

But what does this have to do with natural health?

Well, many say that Natural Health is the next Starbucks of the medical field. And as more and more researchers continue to caution consumers about the side-effect laden prescription medications and more and more lawsuits arise each day from medications, natural health will only get more popular. (Did you hear that men are losing their vision because of male impotence medication?)

“Can I get a cure for a urinary tract infection… hold the side-effects please?”

Natural Health and Starbucks

Starbucks is successful because it works! People are satisfied and they come back for more! But what about natural health? But did you know that natural health (remedies and cures from the 1800s) works too? Obviously, there is an exception to some remedies that were preposterous. Like a bottle of olive oil to dissolve a kidney stone!

However, many natural remedies are legit, researched and work! Why? Because most legitimate natural remedies use a holistic way of healing the body. ‘Holistic’ means treating the body as a whole organism and allowing your body to heal itself. (God created the body to do this!) Traditional medicine will only treat one aspect of the body; such as trying to kill specific bacteria or virus. But consider these natural remedies that work,

A high water-soluble fiber flush will cleanse a liver and pass a gallstone.

A high dosage of phosphoric acid will dissolve a kidney stone and a water-soluble flush will pass it.

Vitamin C and Sea Salt will treat Lyme Disease.

High Amounts of Water Intake will cure a hang-over because of lack of hydration.

And there are hundreds more!

But over the past 70 years, the medical field has created the shift of ‘you taking care of your health’ to ‘allowing doctors and prescription companies taking care of you’. Even the simplest of cures (no drugs needed), are not even known by many doctors because they weren’t taught them in medical school and residency. And while the medical field became a multi-trillion dollar industry, millions of people haven’t even heard of the simplest and most effective cures that have worked for thousands of years (some dating back to Egyptian times).

With all this to say, Natural Health is finally ‘turning heads’ like Starbucks! Some million+ people are no longer paying thousands for surgery and medication that does the same thing as a simple piece of fruit. Did you know a simple red apple will treat acid reflux? And even more are going back to the basics of trying simple and effective natural cures.

Almost 8 million people each year suffer from a urinary tract infection. And even worse, $1.6 billion is spent on medical costs associated to the UTI infection. That is hundreds of dollars spent for each UTI suffer!

But the tragedy is, Urinary Tract Infections can be cured with cranberries! In fact, a guaranteed step-by-step (12 hour plan) Natural Urinary Tract Infection Cure is all you need to cure and say good bye to your urinary tract infection.

How does it work?

Research points to Natural Urinary Tract Infection Cure that Works

A study by scientists at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) of Massachusetts has pointed to compounds in cranberry juice that have the ability to make the bacteria E coli (cause of UTI infection) ineffective. The study was conducted after a host of E coli bacteria was found resistant to conventional treatment (prescription medication).

The study revealed how the cranberry compound Tannins (also called proanthocyanidins) interfered with the E coli molecules from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract. The E coli was left to be flushed out of the body; resulting in NO Urinary Tract Infection.

Therefore, even research is now pointing to Natural Health!

Are You Next?

Would you consider a guaranteed natural cure if it was more effective than medication?

Would you love saving up to $300 in medical costs by choosing a natural remedy?

Would you say ‘No’ to a natural remedy that could be tried for 6 months with no risk?

Would you like to be UTI-free in less than 12 hours with a simple step-by-step natural remedy that is guaranteed to work? If so, please visit our website and see what our guarantee can do for you!

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